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Glued on the top, after bracing.
Splitting some lutz bracewood for the
top. I need to add some tone bars. The
late Bob Ross gave me this inspiration.
"We give trees branches so birds have a
place to put their feet". I'll give some
tone bars a place for tone to be also.
Not for structure, but tone.
I Scraped the top down to a final
Routed out for purflings and
binding channels.
Glued on the back plate with
fish glue. 3 piece curly maple
BWB purflings. .20/.20/.20
Closed Box, ready for
binding. 9-11-01
Guitar Label. I named this guitar:
Woapalanne. "Eagle" in Native American.
I made the wiring harness last weekend. 500K
pots, I grounded all the pots together and the
strings will be grounded threw the tailpiece, to the
end-jack, to the pots also. I still might add the
orange drop treble bleed mod. 9-19-2011
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