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Moonlight Guitars
Here is page 2 of my current builds.
I did a test plot of the workability of this Aspen. It works really nice.
I love this Curly Aspen, its just shines.
Testing thickness with dial indicator. I'm trying to leave around 7mm at
the edge at this time. Curving upwards to 19mm at the pickup area. Yes
I do love and use the metric system whenever possible.
I thought I'd cut these out now, so I could see the thickness while I thin this top
down. Good ol' coping saw.
Now we are getting somewhere.
I dremel'd, drilled, and carved 1 of the 2 pockets for the P-90 pickups.
I have a feeling that it is going to take awhile.
6-19-11 Alot more carving today.
I started on the neck. Birds-eye Maple.
Cutting using a Japanese pull saw. 17 degree
scarf joint. This is some hard wood. I can't
wait to see it under finish.
It turned out nice and straight. Got lucky.
Flip it over to the other side, and you have a
neck ready for gluing.
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